John Maxwell - 3 Things Successful People Do

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23 January, 2019

Chapter 1: The Journey Is More Fun

If You Know Where You're Going

Part 1: Knowing Your Purpose

Chapter 2: Where Would I Like to Go?

Chapter 3: How Far Can I Go?

Chapter 4: How Do I Get There from Here?

Part 2: Growing to Your Maximum Potential

Chapter 5: What Should I Pack in My Suitcase?

Chapter 6: How Do I Handle the Detours?

Chapter 7: Are We There Yet?

Part 3: Sowing Seeds That Benefit Others

Chapter 8: Is It a Family Trip?

Chapter 9: Who Else Should I Take with Me?

Chapter 10: What Should We Do Along the Way?

Afterword: What Did You Like Best About the Trip? 

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